Bespoke programmes tailored to address the key challenges within your law firm.  Available via webinars and workshops.

We take an integrative approach to your people’s physical, mental and emotional resilience; supporting self-leadership and sustainable high performance. Resilience can be cultivated in individuals, fostered in your teams and woven into the culture of your firm to ensure better business outcomes.

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Individuals working within the legal industry are ambitious and driven high performers. However, long-term intense pressure without the right strategies in place can eventually lead to mental health challenges, burnout and reduced productivity. Our firm-wide sessions are designed to support the continuous development of your teams to meet the evolving challenges of the legal industry. Choose from a private bespoke programme or join our monthly open sessions.


A culture of long working hours, heavy workloads and billable hours can put enormous pressure on your firm's lawyers and support staff. MHFA training empowers people to support their own mental health as well as others and helps break down the stigma and barriers that prevent people from seeking the right support.

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Despite high rates of trainee retention, firm's report a steep drop off at 1-3 PQE as individuals can find themselves unable to cope with the demands of the legal industry. By supporting trainees as they enter your firm you can ensure their sustainable growth and career advancement, whilst minimising the loss of top talent and investment. Our integrative resilience programmes are designed to help your trainees thrive during their traineeship and onwards in their career.


With 41% of the population being at risk of developing a mental health condition during the current crisis, HR, support staff and senior leaders are facing increased pressure to support the mental health of employees. Our half-day course has been developed and certified by MHFA England and designed to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and awareness to help spot the early signs of mental ill health in the workplace and be able to listen effectively, signpost to appropriate help and encourage positive action.

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