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Individuals working within the legal industry are ambitious and driven high performers. However, long-term intense pressure without the right strategies in place can eventually lead to mental health challenges, burnout and reduced productivity. Our firmwide sessions are designed to support the continuous development of your teams to meet the evolving challenges of the legal industry. Choose from a private bespoke programme or join our monthly open sessions.


In a Leading Minds survey, 81% of firms reported increased requests from employees for support with their mental health since the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent challenges in maintaining productivity and performance. Furthermore, with 41% of the population being at risk of developing a mental health condition during the current crisis, HR and senior members of teams are facing increased pressure to support the mental health of employees

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Despite high rates of trainee retention, firm's report a steep drop off at 1-3 PQE as individuals can find themselves unable to cope with the demands of the legal industry. By supporting trainees as they enter your firm you can ensure their sustainable growth and career advancement, whilst minimising the loss of top talent and investment. Our integrative resilience programmes are designed to help your trainees thrive during their traineeship and onwards in their career.


Having the academic and technical skills is only half the battle in a high-pressured, fast-paced and challenging corporate environment. Instead, sustainable success is underpinned by a person’s capacity to consistently translate their talent, skill and ability into results by maintaining peak performance.

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Aspiring lawyers are the future life blood and leaders of your firm, therefore attracting and retaining top talent is vital to your firm's performance, profitability and ultimately its success. Running a bespoke mental health and resilience webinars for VAC students and future joiners gives your firm a platform to showcase its culture, show you value your lawyers and care about their overall wellbeing.


There is no doubt that senior fee earners have the knowledge, skills and experience to help trainees thrive in their role. However, the challenge lies in the fact that fee earners rarely undergo formal training to ensure they are equipped to effectively manage the supervisor-trainee relationship. Our supervisor programme has been developed to ensure both parties can thrive in their role.

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