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Support compliance with SRA workplace culture recommendations with our suite of training designed by a former SRA regulator.

Business Meeting


This session is the first important step for firms who want to take the guesswork out of implementing SRA workplace culture recommendations.


It will support you to identify gaps in your current strategy, as well as providing you with specific recommendations on how to translate SRA recommendations into practical behaviours and guidance for managers and leaders at your firm.


You will also receive follow-up resources including sample policies, a mental health culture checklist and a framework specifying best practice behaviours for leaders and managers in line with SRA guidance.


Best suited to: HR teams, L&D teams, Partners


Based on SRA best practice recommendations, this interactive training has been designed to ensure firms and individuals are aware of their responsibilities regarding work allocation and delegation. 


The session will cover the following topics:


  • The business case for effective allocation and delegation in law firms

  • Current SRA rules and guidance about workload in the context of their thematic review

  • Practical strategies for effective allocation and delegation 

  • Key considerations at briefing, checking and feedback 

  • Dealing with common challenges and potential barriers including under / over utilisation

Best suited to: Managers, Supervisors, Partners 

Office Talk
Professional Female


Developed with the SRA Competency Frameworks in mind, this interactive and scenario-based training will cover the following topics:


  • The importance of feedback to organisations, groups, and individuals – along with examples of each within law firms

  • Explaining feedback and performance measurement mechanisms to your team, and setting clear expectations

  • Employee justice – developing and offering internal procedures for review of performance management

  • Pastoral support, including early employee interventions

  • Delivering difficult feedback and managing sub-par performance

  • Navigating mental health challenges and performance management 

Best suited to: Managers, Supervisors, Partners 


A key theme throughout the SRA’s report on workplace culture is the integral role supervisors play in shaping mental health culture. Echoing research by Gallup and Deloitte, the SRA report also suggests that subpar supervision not only contributes to a culture of poor mental health, but one that undermines engagement, retention and, ultimately, the profitability and competitiveness of your firm.​Learn more about our trainee supervision programme here, and our apprentice supervision programme here. 

Learn more about our trainee supervision programme here, and our apprentice supervision programme here. 



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