We are the leading provider of mental health and resilience programmes within the legal sector.
Our programmes address the key resilience and performance challenges and maximise engagement through relevant and industry-specific content.



The session was really helpful and informative.  Very useful tips and a more clear understanding of how to look after yourself and others, understanding more about options to reduce stress such as mindfulness and meditation, mind-set and relax and release. I feel like the presenter had a good understanding of the pressures of we face and was able to relate to us based on her own corporate experience.

Multi-Firm Session 

From the moment we spoke with Leading Minds, we were impressed by their professionalism, their understanding of the market, and their ability to adapt the training they provide to our specific requirements. With experience in the commercial sector, they showed a deep understanding of the concerns facing our members and they were committed to going above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with the training our members received.

The Corporate Law Academy 

The course was fantastic, based on the current covid-19 pandemic that we are facing, the course was held online,
and the resources sent in the post. I feel much more confident about approaching / assisting an individual should I need to do so. Marie Dillon was very informative and a great mental health first aider provided, I would highly recommend.

The session was really helpful and informative. Claire is a great coach and I love how she refers to her personal experiences within the legal environment. Since implementing my habits from the last session I've noticed a big improvement in how I handle the stress of my role and the knock-on benefits to my productivity.

Online Mental Health First Aid Course

Trainee Programme

Laura was great in our MHFA training - very energetic and relatable.  She navigated us through the materials sensitively and was very encouraging. I feel I have a better understanding of mental health conditions and feel better placed to recognize signs of strain, so I can offer help and start a dialogue with anyone who might be struggling.

I have loved the Leading Minds trainee sessions. I actually find myself actively looking forward to them as I am someone who is really trying hard to build a better working from home routine and appreciate all the tips. I'm really keen for more sessions from Leading Minds.

Half-Day Mental Health Awareness Course

Trainee Programme

I found the Mental Health Awareness course useful and thought-provoking. The tutor hit exactly the right note with a mix of teaching and group discussion. This sort of training would be a helpful foundation for managers and team leaders and was a good starting place for our office initiatives.

Half-Day Mental Health Awareness Course

That was the most useful webinar I've attended! It really helped me understand the how I can start to apply the habits and strategies to my daily life that will help both my health and performance.

Multi-Firm Session

Marie has been fantastic at getting across the key points of the course. She is a brilliant instructor, great listener and I feel well equipped to begin my role as a well-being ambassador within my firm.

Online Mental Health First Aid Course

Well presented. Very friendly. Appreciated the openness with which the coach approached taboo topics e.g. feeling isolated/overwhelmed.  I feel these sessions have hugely supported me both personally and professionally.

Trainee Programme

Learned a lot of information in a short period of time. With the help of Marie it was understandable and relatable. Really enjoyed the course and I have taken away a lot of information and confidence. 

Online Mental Health First Aiders Course

I particularly like that there are actionable solutions to issues raised so you not only come away feeling motivated and understood but empowered to actually make positive lasting changes.

Multi-Firm Session



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