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There is no doubt that senior fee earners have the knowledge, skills and experience to help trainees thrive in their role. However, the challenge lies in the fact that fee earners rarely undergo formal training to ensure they are equipped to effectively manage the supervisor-trainee relationship.  

This gap in skills, and the knock-on impact on both the trainee and supervisor, has become notably apparent since the start of the global pandemic:

  • Supervisors have reported feeling excessively stressed and burnt out from balancing their own workload whilst managing a trainee and team during this challenging time

  • They have felt unequipped to handle the increase in requests from trainees for mental health support, including understanding how to have open conversations about mental health and how to signpost for further support

  • 68% of trainees say they wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing their mental health within their firm



Our supervisor programme has been developed by a certified Business Psychologist with a BA in Law and a Masters in Psychology. She has over seven years experience working to improve productivity, motivation and increasing well-being in the legal sector, as well as extensive experience coaching high-performers. 

The aims and outcomes of our programme include: 

  • Clearly defined boundaries of the supervisor/trainee relationship to reduce burden, stress and burnout

  • Effective management of shared goals and expectations to support a mutually productive working relationship

  • Better knowledge of early warning signs of mental health challenges and increased capacity to initiate open conversations around mental health

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