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The New Normal

Since firms have begun the process of transitioning to the ‘new normal’ they have seen pockets of resistance to hybrid working. This has been particularly prevalent among legal support teams, who are often expected to be predominantly in the office to support their fee-earning colleagues.

In addition, many firms have undergone restructuring over the last 18 months and secretarial teams have been one of the groups most affected. 

Team Cohesion

Subsequently, many firms have experienced engagement challenges with secretarial teams. This can be destabilising for teams within the firm and disrupt a firm’s overall productivity and effectiveness and significantly impact on a firm's culture.

Team Meeting
Open Space Office

Optimising engagement

Our four-part programme is tailored to the challenges legal support teams face in their role and is designed to empower your teams as they adjust and adapt to change, as well as equipping them with the tools and skills to operate effectively in a hybrid environment.


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