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From a social mobility and diversity perspective, the changes to entry opportunities into the legal profession in recent years has been both a necessary and welcomed movement. ​ However, when changes are made in an industry which is traditionally known as less than progressive, it is vital that due consideration is given to the structures in place to ensure these individuals can thrive in their roles.

As apprentice's enter high-pressured and competitive legal sector straight from school, the interpersonal and interpersonal skills that trainees usually acquire at university may be less well developed. This has resulted in apprentices often reporting feeling overwhelmed, stressed and out of their depth, as well as resulting in a high rate of turnover within this cohort. 

Tailored Support 

Our three-part solicitor apprentice programme is centred around the four pillars of emotional intelligence to provide individuals with the self leadership skills they need to succeed in the corporate environment.

Research on emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace has shown that:

  • Those with high EQ are better equipped to transition from education to the workplace

  • Social and emotional abilities were four times more important than IQ in determining professional success 

  • 71% of leaders say they value EQ over IQ

  • EQ training results in as much as 8x return on investment when compared to non-EQ training


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